Daily Tarot Forecast - 30 October 2018 - All signs

Updated: Oct 30, 2018

Good morning #Wokers ! Here's your Daily Tarot Forecast for today 30 October 2018.


Today's theme is all about holding on to things that no longer serve your highest good. It looks like you're all about securing your financial future and you know it isn't very typical of you to focus on money above all else. But no one knows more than you how necessary it is at this time. Maybe you've ignored this for the longest time and you've eventually learned your lesson, Aries. You're saving every penny as best as you can and this will serve you well in the long run.

It looks like you've been slowing down in other aspects of your life too. Not a lot of socializing recently and mainly staying at home if and when you can. If you haven't been meditating lately, the cards suggest that you take this "slow" period in your life to dig deep inside of you and focus on understanding who you truly are, what you want, what fulfills you and what serves your best interest.

You may have been thinking about people and situations of the past and it seems to take up a lot of space in your head. Too much attention is being allocated to nostalgia that you might actually miss some drastic changes that are about to happen. Keep your senses on point.

But don't fear change. Learn to embrace it and know that while things and situations may change, they all serve to assist you in the next phase of your journey. The new you simply outgrows the old things in your life.

The outcome is extremely positive though. If a happy and fulfilling family dynamics is what you long for along with abundance in key aspects of your life, consider it yours.


You may have Aries somewhere in your chart or dealing with an Aries because first of all, the Aries overall energy is the same as yours. You are both all about securing your financial stability at all costs, pun unintended. You have been saving for a rainy day and it's working to your advantage. You are like Noah right now, building an ark before the Great Flood and you are both oblivious and unmindful of what everyone else is saying right now.

You are dead-on focused and good for you. This is exactly the right time for you to be single-minded in your goal. Today is going to be spent at work with lots of discussions with colleagues/officemates/workmates. Are you planning to organize some event? Everyone seems to be intent on learning from you as they watch you work your magic. You seem pretty convincing too. Use that to your advantage.

Oh Taurus, you may be single right now but you're living the high life, with not much care in the world but your pets and hobbies. Good for you! But it doesn't look like you'll be single for very long though, unless you truly want to stay that way.

Someone seems to be rushing in to deliver a message as urgently and ardently as they can. Could this be love-related? It could be but it doesn't have to. Maybe an Aquarius, Libra or Gemini but it can be anyone really. This person seems to be relentless at getting what they want but you will not budge. Because today, you are your own boss and you will no marching orders from anyone. You know what you are capable of doing and are not coy at letting everyone know. I say, stay in your power today Taurus. As long as you're not hurting anyone, defend that territory, that space, that idea or that belief. It's always great to see someone who stands for something.


It looks like you'll be spending most of the day just trying to fend off people who demand too much from you. Today's the day to set boundaries, if you haven't already. You know these type of people. They're the ones you give a hand to but end up demanding both your arms.

Stay away from these people. They have nothing to offer but they take everything.

You may have to weigh things today and see which one is more valuable to you -- your past relationship or a wish come true? You can't have both. It's going to be a day of choices and the need to make decisions on short notice.

You'll probably be stuck in some form of indecision -- a very Gemini issue. There is however a sense of urgency here and you need to act quick if you want a quick result.

There could be an Aquarius, Libra, Gemini who's pushing you to decide. As much as I feel that a quick decision is necessary, remember that you can still decide quickly without being too hasty. Balance is key. And no one knows balance more than a Gemini. Work it and get it done.


Do you have Aries or Taurus in your chart? If you do, please read the forecasts for both because you share the same overall energy of holding on to things that no longer serve you.

You may be dealing with an Aquarius, Libra, Gemini today, or maybe an Aries, Leo, Sagittarius.

You've been slowly healing from a painful experience from a previous relationship. One with someone probably younger than you or you younger than this person. They may have been careless and hurt you more than you can take.

Leaving was the last resort and while you didn't want to, you just had no other choice but to leave the situation because it was just too much for you. You are very much conflicted as to whether to continue with it or move away. But it looks like you ended up moving anyway. This looks like a reasonable decision and I can only see the conflict escalating even more if you insisted on giving it another try. Someone remains unbending. Don't wait too long to see them break. You don't need to stick around to see that happen.

You somewhat already know in your heart what you want to do. All you need to do is have confidence in yourself. Cultivate it and one day soon you'll be rewarded.


You're the master of your day Leo! While that may be true for all signs, this one is special because I see you actually getting into the driver's seat and not letting anyone take you for a ride. You want to push that pedal to the metal and pull the handbrake on a whim. Wait, is that drifting you're doing? Maybe. But who cares? You do you. Because for today you will live your day in your own terms no matter what.

You seem to be moving fast towards the direction you set out for yourself and you're holding on to it like nothing else matters. This journey is extremely important to you and you're giving it your all.

Yes, there are days (and nights) when past mistakes still seem to haunt you and remind you of the times you weren't as strong-willed as you are now and people took advantage of you. But those days are over, Leo. You are headed to a better direction and it culminates in a beautiful celebration.

Dust yourself off from those mistakes. Your future is blindingly bright and your victory is signed and sealed so raise your glass and toast the happy days ahead!


Happiness comes in many different packages, Virgo. Today it comes in the form of a loving and fulfilling family life. The kids are doing great, the wife (or husband) is a happy camper and even the family pet is having a great time. Are you having a vacation somewhere? Either that or you've just made your house and home a worthy vacation house of sorts. I sense comfort everywhere.

Someone from your past is trying to get back in the picture but you seem disinterested at best or completely defensive at worst (from the perspective of this person from the past). This could be someone you've previously worked with. Could be a Taurus, Virgo or Capricorn. This person seems to be very patient and don't mind waiting. Well there's another camper! Sounds like someone ready to camp outside your door until you open up, hopefully not in a stalker-ish way.

I don't see you budging either so I guess it'll be a battle of patience. Lots of it. However you deal with it, just make sure you don't do anything just because you've been forced. But remember that if you'd want to let someone down, let them down easy.


Is it too early to have a night out on a Tuesday? Nah. Not for you! Looks like this is a day for hanging out with friends after a long hard day's work. I'm sure it's something you deserve. And something that may be on your mind the whole day and the highlight of your day when it comes.

Your creativity will be buzzing all day and you will feel like you've caffeinated yourself too much because of that inextinguishable fire that will drive you. You will feel strong not only on the outside, but even more so on the inside. That fire in your belly will burn brightly today. Fearless is today's word for you, Libra.

You may be facing a whole lot of options today and may feel paralyzed to make a decision. Don't be. Try to be as objective as you can and you'll get through this indecision smoothly.

Seeing things from a different perspective will benefit you greatly so today's the day to be a divergent thinker. Old ways aren't always the best ways. Think outside and around the box and see how this changes how you deal with issues like a hero. We all need a hero. Today, you get to be one.


Some of you will have to deal with something related to the law or anything that has to do with legality. This could range from something as mundane as processing documents that need to pass through legal scrutiny or something as major as being involved in a court proceeding. You may also be dealing with a Libra or an Aquarius or Gemini today. However it applies to you, it looks like it will rule in your favor.

You have been contemplating on something for a while now about a major decision in your life and you can't seem to make up your mind. If it's self-doubt causing this standstill, there is no reason to be doubtful because you have all the resources you need to make this happen for you. It even looks like you can do it on your own without requiring any form of outside help. Not that you don't welcome help, of course. It's just that you seem to be capable of going it alone.

You also have been recently being strict with yourself in following a set of routine. And if you haven't yet, the cards suggest that you do so. Discipline is going to be a major influence and factor for today so you need to give yourself some tough love if necessary, as long as it's for your own good and everyone else too. This isn't a day for you to compromise because you're just not in the mood for it.

If you have children, you may be being a little strict with them lately. You're being encouraged to be a little more understanding. If you don't have children (yet or don't intend to), it looks like it'll be part of today's discussion.


Is that love I'm seeing, Sag? Looks like someone is out to declare their affection for you. This could be the start of something really interesting. Could be younger than you or you're the one who's younger but I sense a really fun and loving energy from this person. I think this person will be today's story and will mostly use up a lot of your time directly or indirectly.

Messages are flying and flowing from everywhere right now -- all directed towards you so if this is not something you like, better run for cover.

There's possible pairing between someone who operates with their emotions on the forefront of things and someone who's all about the logical and rational. Communication would be a struggle because of this.

You could be dealing with a Libra, Gemini or Aquarius. Someone, could be you, is slowly and patiently working on reaching their dreams and wishes. It will take time but all your effort are adding up so don't worry much about it. You will reap your harvest soon. Patience, my Sag!


Everybody starts from zero. And this can't be truer than today for you Capricorn. Not that you're starting from scratch but sometimes it most certainly feels like you are. What's good about it though is that despite everything that happened, you haven't completely lost your faith in life and maybe even in love. You still believe that hard work and perseverance coupled with a healthy dose of optimism could go a long way.

You will find yourself being drawn to self-introspection and self-assessment in the hopes of finding out what went wrong and how to make sure it doesn't happen again. While you may not be able to recover what's lost, you are using all the strength you have in you to fight the good fight one day at a time. Your strength is evident now more than ever and it's the same strength that will tide you over on difficult days when you feel like giving up.

You're most probably single right now and you're worried that you're definitely not getting any younger. Will love ever find you? Or better yet, should you go right ahead and actively pursue it?

Well it looks like you need not do much right now because love is here in all it's fiery and passionate glory -- most likely coming in as an Aries, Leo or Sagittarius. Whoever this is, this person looks really good and charming, almost feels like torn from a fairy tale book page. Remember though, Capricorn that this energy, charming and an eye-candy as it may be, could well be a passing person in your life. Here today, gone tomorrow. Not always. But most of the time. But then again, it's usually the fleeting moments of happiness that we enjoy and remember the most.


Something seems to be bothering you lately, Aquarius. Whether it's some kind of internal conflict burning inside of you or some form of competition happening outside of you, it's taking a toll on you. If you've recently moved to a different location or new job or new situation, it must be the adjustment period causing you stress. Don't let it get into you.

I sense that you're surrounded by one fiery and passionate energy -- possibly an Aries, Leo or Sagittarius -- and I say surrounded because it feels like an all-encompassing energy that's just too overwhelming for you. You're doing your best to balance things out and it seems to be working.

There is somebody, possibly an Aries person walking away or has walked away from a situation and they are having a ball! This seems like a free spirit who walks the path without fear. It also looks like they're walking away from a secret or simply from uncertainty. So whether it's you or them who have secrets, it looks like whoever decided to walk away has no plans of coming back so if that person is significant to you, prepare yourself for that.


Don't look now but it looks like you're gonna have an awesome day, Pisces! You are such a young and loving energy regardless of your age. You offer and give your love with such devotion that no one seems worthy enough to deserve it.

Stability in all areas of your life are forthcoming, that is if you're not experiencing it yet. A stable and fulfilling family love is yours now even without asking. It's almost like all the stars are aligning and conspiring to bring you gifts that are long overdue.

If you're male, you could be involved romantically with someone older than you. If you're female -- with someone younger. Could go the other way around but I sense a significant age difference here.

You are both concerned with tangible things like money, prosperity and etc., so it seems like you're a perfect match. Someone just needs to be more understanding of the other for this to work. This person is rather slow however, so it might take a while before all this culminates in one major event. But if you're willing to wait, Prince Charming just might be right around the corner.

In the end, you will find fulfillment. And in the grand scheme of things, really it's all that counts.


I wish you the very best and please take care beautiful souls!

Love and light,



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