Illusory Priorities

Hey! How's it going? It's officially 12:45 AM here of October 31, 2018 so Happy Halloween!!!

We're not really that big on Halloween over here compared to the rest of the world but we still celebrate it somehow. There was a time when we used to decorate houses and go trick or treating like it's a job that needs to be done no matter what. Now, though not so much.

We are mostly into using this period to just chill and visit our dearly departed because after all, November 1 here is All Saints' Day and November 2 is All Souls' Day so that's two days ideally spent visiting cemeteries not for the scary kick or entertainment factor of it all, but to pay respects to our dead.

Halloween as it's celebrated elsewhere is a fairly new import for us so it's actually a very solemn day (or days) marked and commemorated with vigils and prayers and the occasional ghost stories just to keep each other awake while doing an all-nighter at the cemetery.

The day is spent cleaning plots, weeding and repainting tombstones. No children running around in costumes asking for candy. At least, not in the cemeteries I think.

Which reminds me of the title of this post and the intended topic for tonight before I hit the bed and officially call it a day -- illusory priorities. I get sidetracked all the time, ugh. Anyway...

I think I'm not the only person in this world thinking of how misplaced many of our priorities have been lately. I can speak for myself when I say that this YouTube grind wasn't something I actually thought I'd be doing right now.

Exactly a year ago tonight, I was so consumed with my previous business venture and I was telling myself I'd give it my all no matter how many times I fall and fail with it -- and fail I did -- horribly and royally.

Back then, that was my priority -- that was my YouTube.

I wasn't eating well. My mind was always spinning with ideas and dreams and plans. Nothing else mattered but world domination in the form of skin care.

Who would've thought I'd be sitting here now talking about tarot readings and spirituality a year later?

But here we are and here I am.

If I learned anything from it, I'd say chasing dreams founded on ego will take you nowhere. Anything you do for the sake of doing something notable but not really operating from a heart space will eventually die out over time. It just isn't sustainable.

What I do now isn't exactly easier than what I was trying to do a year ago. It's actually more difficult because now it has a direct effect on people's lives, sometimes even to a point one can consider close to visceral.

But what I've found out is that when you prioritize goals that are ego driven, it's so much easier to let go when the going gets tough. After all, most times, you're chasing the shiny, shimmery thing so when it loses it's shimmer, it's easy to bail.

The work I do now, while more difficult and emotionally, physically and psychically draining -- I continue to do even with constant hurdles because there is a call to serve. And unlike the glory of a successful business that most people can recognize, this type of work is hardly ever one to make you win |Entrepreneur of the Year" award or anything of that sort.

On the contrary, people easily dismiss it as some form of quackery and look at you like you have two heads or something. But I don't mind. I've reached a point in my life where I am completely comfortable in what I do and where I am and who I am.

You see, when you know who you truly are, none of these so-called perceived "priorities" of this world will ever faze you.

This endless chase for some form of gratification and validation is not something that will bother you ever again. I do what I do now because I believe in it with all my heart and now that I've found it, I don't see myself doing anything else for now especially if it's something that will superficially replace my mission.

Maybe one day soon I will be called to do some other form of work related to this but for now where I am is where I belong and what I do is what I am supposed to. Labels like "priority" or "important" are just labels people attach to things so others would notice them and attend to them.

But when you feel strongly about what you do, no task is too small or too big. You do all of them with love. You don't need labels because you will surely attend to all of them without being told and you will toil day and night without being made guilty -- because anything worth doing is worth loving. And anything worth loving is worth doing and won't ever feel like work as we know it. Everything is a priority and nothing is a priority at the same time.

I hope and wish you find joy and fulfillment in what you do. If not, then you already know what to do. Well, I guess now I can call it a day. Good night everyone.

Love and light,

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