The Woke Way Official Blog Kickoff

Updated: Oct 29, 2018

Oh yes oh yes oh yes! Here it is!

You my friend are reading the very first official blog post from the desk of RJ Marmol -- owner/founder and Divine Oracle of and host of the The Woke Way Podcast and The Woke Way YouTube channel (

I know. That's a lot. Well, what can I tell you? I'm here to spread the message so I'm covering all my bases -- leaving no social media stone unturned.

In this blog, I will share with you the things I've learned and still learning in the path to spiritual growth and fulfillment. It will be my online daily diary of personal musings, channeled messages from Spirit and my spiritual guides I call "TEAM SPIRIT" and of course, the ones most of you came to know me for -- tarot readings.

I will be writing daily tarot guidance for each individual zodiac sign and push these same information to my podcast and the The Woke Way YouTube Channel, of course.

This gives you varied options on how you want to consume your tarot guidance information. Read, listen, watch. Your choice. Empowerment and self-love is a recurring theme in my messages and it rings true here as well.


They say the first step towards anything is always the hardest because it's mostly riddled with doubt and fear and anxiety -- of the unknown and uncharted territory. For me though, not so much. You see, even before all this, writing has always been what I've therapeutically and lovingly called my first love. Music being a close second.

Spirituality is my 0 (zero) -- my Fool Card, if you will. Hence, it's in a league of its own. So it doesn't count, at least for the purpose of this blog.

So writing (in this case, blogging) is second nature to me -- like breathing. If you've watched my YouTube videos -- and I'm assuming that's what took you here in the first place, you know I tend to run my mouth. And writing to me is no different.

Don't worry though. I'm doing the best I can to fight logorrhea.

So before I lose another battle, let me welcome you to this blog. We're gonna have lots of fun and hopefully learning too.

If you're not subscribed yet, this is no doubt the best time for you to do it.

I can't wait to write the next post and share all this and more.

Until then, may you have auspiciousness and causes of success!

Love and light,

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